Why turn down work when you can delegate it?


Are you a bid or business development consultancy? Are you in need of a professional, like-minded organisation that can deliver a bid in the way you expect, when pipelines are full to capacity? Turning down assignments can reflect on your business's capability, especially when a potential client has been turned away more than once. It’s a scenario we all face, but if we happen to have capacity at a critical time for you, with our track record, you can be assured that your client will receive a service that mirrors your own.


Risk is eliminated by our total adherence to your rules


Occasionally, when we offer our B2B service we are asked “What’s stopping you taking our clients?” – bidding is a small community, so in short, we don’t want to risk our reputation. We sign up to your terms and conditions like any of your associates, adhering to your rules on client confidentiality, conflict of interest or any other policies you may have, be they industry standard or unique to your company.


In fact, our B2B clients often find that we present extra opportunities back to them from their own clients, through the relationships we build with them. We work completely confidentially, taking on your brand and representing your company, in a way that reflects only your company.


B2B support with the benefit of total compliance from us, is an invaluable source at critical times for your organisation. We make it really easy to work with us, and enjoy the relationship we build with our sector partners. So, why not call us to find out more?