What is different about Beat Propositions?


We take the time to understand your business, develop a relationship with you and most importantly work to gain your trust.


We don’t make empty promises, if it’s possible to deliver, we will. We will be honest in our assessment of a bid/no bid decision, but either way we will be there to guide and support you – every time.


We blend traditional values with dynamic blue-sky thinking, taking best-practice methods from a timeline of bid trends. This is why understanding your business, liaising with key stakeholders and extracting relevant information from Subject Matter Experts is vital to creating the targeted and cohesive tenders that you will come to expect from us.



Upskilling along the way


During our live-bid support scenarios, your bid team will be guided through every stage of the bid process at a time when they are at their most focussed. We will help them to develop the skills they need to actuate a smooth timeline of bid events at a time when it is most important.


Following a tender submittal, a thorough lessons learnt process will take place where we will weigh the positive features of the life-cycle against performance improvement plans for future pipelines. We will motivate and excite the team to be bid-ready for the next important bid attempt.



How do we work?


We work almost entirely remotely (we will, of course, be there for key meetings). What this means, is that you get the best value for your money. No travelling time, no unexpected expenses, no exuberant hotel expenditure, and importantly you only pay for the time you receive.


A commute to London for example (not that we’re opposed to this if necessary), can be anything up to two hours, and that’s coming in from the fringes! Multiply this twice for the homeward journey, and that’s four hours travelling that we’d prefer to add on to our day if your company needs it. We also operate a good out-of-hours response, so if you have any pressing issues, we will always do our best to relieve your concerns.





Bid-rescue is our specialist area, we will assign people to work through the night if necessary to get your bid submission to its portal as expediently as we can. We will action emergency meetings to quickly understand your capabilities against the requirements of the RFP. We will produce an action-plan that everyone understands and work with you in order that you stand the best chance of winning that must-win bid. Call us – we’re sure we can help.



Our valued friends


We have a trusted network of associates we work with, so larger bids and programmes are no problem for us when sourcing the right people, with the right expertise.


We often operate as a blended solution, again to give you the best return on your investment. Each piece of work is developed, reviewed and improved before it comes back to you for review. This means you have minimal rewrites and the benefit of at least two pairs of eyes, so if time is tight there are fewer modifications required during the red team review phase. At other times, it just makes the whole experience more fluid and pleasurable.



What areas of specialism do we have?


Our combined experience in Business Development and Bidding spans over 30 years, and we strongly believe that bidding best-practice can be applied to every bid, regardless of sector. That said, we have vast customer sector experience which spans:

  • IT / Telecoms
  • Defence
  • Transportation including Rail, Logistics and Aviation
  • Construction / Building
  • Public Sector
  • Emergency Services
  • Recruitment
  • Professional Services and Business Process Outsourcing (including Financial Services)
  • Entertainment (especially the Music Industry)
  • Travel and Tourism Management

If you work within a sector which doesn’t feature on the above list – please do still get in touch, if we can’t help we usually know someone who can.